“You, over there. 
You, who’s always looking 
over his neighbour’s fence. 
The beauty of this world is wasted on you. 
I say, the beauty of this world 
is wasted on you. 
You use your eyes to cast disapproving looks. 
You use your tongue to degrade and denigrate. 
And worst of all, you use your dirty hands 
to reach into pockets, 
thinking happiness is found 
in coins. 
But happiness is the bird 
that will never fly near you, 
because it knows your desire to cage it—
like you do with everything else. 
You cage love so two men can’t share it. 
You cage hope because you can’t stand faith. 
And you cage God so people think darkness 
is all there is. 
But the only thing you’ve successfully caged 
is your petty mind. 
I need you to know one thing: 
There will never be a cage to confine 
our light! 
We, here, we are free. 
Free to dream. 
Free to love. 
And free to be 
who we want to be.”

Kamand Kojouri

My World

“My world is full of beauty, 
but you avert your eyes. 

My world is full of light, 
but you only worship the dark. 

My world is filled with song, 
but you exalt silence. 

My world is filled with delight, 
but you cut throats that ring with laughter. 

My world is adorned with exquisite art, 
but you smash sculptures, 
destroying ancient civilisations. 

In my world, 
people rejoice with one another 
and share each other’s burdens, 
but you only preach vanity and greed. 

What do you know of courage? 
What do you know of resilience? 

My world is so vast, 
it welcomes even you— 
for your drop of hatred 
will always be absolved 
in our ocean of love.”

Kamand Kojouri


“I see your pain
as clearly as I feel my own.
I will share your burden
so you feel it less.
Do not hate this world.
Do not hate these people.
I will share my hope
so you feel it more.
I want you to see our love
as clearly as I feel yours.”

Kamand Kojouri


“I call you my soulmate
because I lost myself in you
and then found myself through you.
Sure, when you are gone, I will be a fraction
but the common denominator has always been

Kamand Kojouri


“Come, friends.
Come with your grief.
Come with your loss.

Carry all the pieces of your heart
and come sit with us.

Bring your regrets
and your failures.
Bring your betrayals
and your masks.

We welcome you no matter
where you come from
and what you bring.

Come and join us
at the intersection
of acceptance and forgiveness,
where you will find
our house of love.

Bring your empty cups,
and we will have a feast.”

Kamand Kojouri


“They tell us the only way to move on
is to forget.
“Forgive,” they say.
Realise that you deserve better.
That maybe they
deserve better.
You can’t fight fire with fire.
Extinguish it once and for all.
“Do not look back,” they say.
They don’t tell you that
only one thing is needed.
Only one:
When you are filled to the brim with love,
you only emanate love.
You become lover and
love itself.
Only then will you love
even the very people
you wish to hate.”

Kamand Kojouri


“Worry not
if you’re in darkness
and the void draws you in.
This isn’t the place we go to die for ever.
It’s where we are born
and our stories begin.”

Kamand Kojouri