“Today is a writing day. 
My head is spinning with rapture 
as the words rise from my throat. 
I am dizzy 
from holding the world in my palm. 
At dusk, my lantern and I go 
in search of cries of the destitute, 
the displaced, 
and dispossessed. 
I lend them my pen 
and offer them my heart. 

Today is a sacred day. 
My skin is anointed with their blood, 
and I am ready to battle the darkness. 
With hope as my shield 
and love as my sword, 
I will not return until dawn. 
Because no one must be forgotten. 
Because victory is possible. 
Because anything is possible, 
for today is a writing day.”

Kamand Kojouri

2 thoughts on “TODAY IS A WRITING DAY

  1. “and I am ready to battle the darkness.
    With hope as my shield
    and love as my sword, ”

    This is exactly what we need now. I see it. There are more of us. Thank you. I am ready.


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