“As soon as we are born
we hide God in ourselves.
We then spend our lives looking for Him
when all along, He has been concealed behind
the veil of ‘I’.”

Kamand Kojouri

5 thoughts on “AS SOON AS WE ARE BORN

    1. Yes, Nikesh. What I meant to articulate is that we always look for God outside ourselves, in holy books and places of worship etc. When in fact, all along he resides within us.
      When I speak of “the veil of ‘I'”, I am speaking of the ego (or the pride you mentioned) which needs to be diminished (or obliterated) in order for us to recognise Godliness in every thing, including ourselves.

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      1. Do you Kabirdas? If you don’t, then he was a great Indian Saint, poet and philosopher. In one of his poetic writings, he has exactly mentioned what you have mentioned in this quote. So, the conclusion: you are not less than philosopher!

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