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Another 960 Trees Planted for God, Does Humanity Exist? in 2020

God, Does Humanity Exist? Royalties Donated to Child Foundation

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960 Trees Planted for The Eternal Dance in 2018

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IMG_3576Kamand Kojouri - Eurasia International University Armenia120395480_10158756842612276_2354053357138317888_oBBC Radio 4 Sunday - Kamand Kojouri Trees Donation - Kamand Kojouri 2020

The Irish Times-Kamand Kojouri  Irish Tatler - Kamand Kojouri

Yorkshire Times - Kamand Kojouri     Russell Brand - Kamand KojouriKamand Kojouri Trees Donation Certificate     BBC Radio Devon - Kamand Kojouri

Waterfront Magazine - Kamand Kojouri

Dote Magazine Issue 7 - Kamand Kojouri War On Silence/ Let My Silence Grow - Zachary J. Moore - Kamand Kojouri

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‘Desacration’ exhibition Biblioteca Vallicelliana Rome - James P. Graham - Kamand Kojouri