Author Photo- Kamand Kojouri

Dr Kamand Kojouri was born in Tehran, raised in Dubai and Toronto, and resides in England. She completed a creative writing PhD at Swansea University and currently teaches creative writing workshops. As the International Ambassador of The Women Graduates Swansea University Society, she promotes and encourages women’s academic research. The historical novel she wrote for her MA at City, University of London, was shortlisted for a Peters Fraser and Dunlop literary agents’ award.

Kamand has been interviewed on BBC Radio 4, BBC Persian Television, BBC Radio Devon, and BBC Radio Cornwall. Her work has been featured on The Irish Times, BBC Radio 2, Yorkshire Times, Irish Tatler, and numerous blogs, magazines, and books. In March, Zachary J Moore used her poem, ‘War on Silence’, to compose a poignant classical piece called ‘Let My Silence Grow’, which was performed by the concert choir at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

Her first book, The Eternal Dance, is a collection of love poems published in 2018. Inspired by the great Sufi poet Attar’s seven cities of love, the book explores seven different states of love: Attraction and Infatuation, Devotion and Obsession, Heartbreak, Enchantment, Love, Understanding, and Unity. All of the royalties are donated to The Trevor Project, an organisation that provides suicide prevention and crisis intervention services to LGBTQ youth.

God, Does Humanity Exist?  is her newest poetry collection and deals with themes of suffering, resistance, and empowerment. The poems are rooted in dark realities to raise awareness about the many crises we are facing, but ultimately the message is one of hope and togetherness. The four sections (Cries of Common Pain, Call to Action, Songs of Hope, and Echoes of Hope) are skilfully interwoven and resonate with urgency and relevance, encouraging us to think and act with more compassion, empathy, and understanding. All of the royalties are donated to children’s charities in Iran.

With every book sold (paperback, eBook, or Audiobook), Kamand donates to have a tree planted in Sub-Saharan Africa to help provide families with food, income, and a sustainable way of life. 1,920 trees have been planted to date.

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