“You, over there. 
You, who’s always looking 
over his neighbour’s fence. 
The beauty of this world is wasted on you. 
I say, the beauty of this world 
is wasted on you. 
You use your eyes to cast disapproving looks. 
You use your tongue to degrade and denigrate. 
And worst of all, you use your dirty hands 
to reach into pockets, 
thinking happiness is found 
in coins. 
But happiness is the bird 
that will never fly near you, 
because it knows your desire to cage it—
like you do with everything else. 
You cage love so two men can’t share it. 
You cage hope because you can’t stand faith. 
And you cage God so people think darkness 
is all there is. 
But the only thing you’ve successfully caged 
is your petty mind. 
I need you to know one thing: 
There will never be a cage to confine 
our light! 
We, here, we are free. 
Free to dream. 
Free to love. 
And free to be 
who we want to be.”

Kamand Kojouri

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